About Jacqueline

  ¡Hola!  Amigos 

 I’m Jacqueline Espinoza, an experienced and enthusiastic Spanish teacher from Ecuador, who holds an MA in  Digital Technologies, Communication and Education,  a  BA (Hons) in Business UK NARIC number reference 2000145415 and a teaching professional qualification.  I moved to England in 2012, with my husband who is from Darwen Lancashire and my two Ecuadorian cats.  am greatly interested in everything that stems from different cultures of the world, as I come from a family with Spanish and Ecuadorian backgrounds. Additionally, I have a keen interest in Foreign Languages, Psychology, Education, and Digital technologies, as I truly believe that there is an interactive fusion between all these disciplines. 

In addition,  I enjoy practising yoga and dancing salsa, and in my moments of free time, I love watching social documentaries. All together I have a varied range of hobbies and interests and I regularly switch between them and then gain interest in new things that I learn, which is why teaching can never be dull.






  • Teaching  Experience:

After I finished my degree, in 2009  I did a teaching training course and  I  started working in a secondary school in Ecuador teaching Spanish and literature to pupils between the ages of 11-18; then in 2011, I set up a language Academy with my husband Matthew to provide interactive language courses.  Later in 2012-2013, in the UK, I worked in a primary school supporting the language area. Also, in 2013-2015 I worked in a private secondary school, teaching GCSE Spanish with pupils in year 10 and 11.  Additionally, since 2013  I’ve worked as a private Spanish Tutor for young people and adults. 

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  • Social Work Experience:

In addition to all my work experience, I am a person who likes to work for the development of communities. As a result, I have worked voluntarily in projects of social rehabilitation of street children in Ecuador, as well as taking voluntary teaching work for children with mental disabilities. What’s more, I have tried to promote the education of Ecuadorian women through free educational talks.

(Darwen- United Kingdom )  October 2015- Present   (Refugee and asylum seeker support). I’ve started to attend the local refugee centre to help them in all the ways I can possibly can with my voluntary work, as I truly believe that  the smallest of things can make a huge impact in the lives of people in need.

(Quito-Ecuador)   August 2013- “Proyecto Niños de la Calle.  (Street children project)I did voluntary work supporting and helping the children from the streets with shorts classes of general knowledge, also supporting the projects with new ideas.

(Quito-Ecuador) July 2007-  Elderly Care Home San José. (Voluntary Work caring elders)  I worked for one month undertaking voluntary work caring for the elderly in a nursing home.  

(Quito-Ecuador) January to June 2007 -FUNAPACE 500 hours. (Voluntary Work teaching children with mental disabilities). I worked for six months undertaking voluntary work as a teaching assistant and working with the children with disabilities.



–  Spanish   –  Mother tongue 

– English –  Advanced Level 

– French-  Intermediate Level 

Tutoring Approach

I came to England looking for the opportunity to teach the Spanish language and also to share my culture with all the people that wish to expand their knowledge.  I love teaching people of all different ages, as I’ve worked with children, teenagers and adults in the past, as well as volunteering to aid the mentally and physically disabled. I think the most important part of being a language teacher is to motivate you to actually think in the language that you are learning so it will be easier for you to feel comfortable and confident about learning any new language.