E-Learning Games

In this section you can find different  Interactive games designed by me for all levels, which will help you to enhance your  learning progress. 

En esta sección encontrarás varios juegos  para todos los niveles, elaborados por mi persona,  los mismos que te ayudarán  a impulsar tu  aprendizaje.  

Principiantes / Beginners ( Niveles A1-A2) 


flecha listaCompleta las palabras – Presentación Personal- Femenino

flecha listaCompleta las palabras – Presentación Personal- Masculino

flecha listaSopa de Letras ( Las profesiones)

flecha listaEncuentra la imagen correcta – Nacionalidades

flecha listaLos números 0-20

flecha listaAdivinanzas ( A1-A2)

flecha listaFUTURE TENSE (1)

flecha listaFUTURE TENSE (2)

  1. Image result for brain gif iconJUEGO DE MEMORIA (VERBOS) NIVEL 1


Image result for group games icon Image result for kahoot


To play in the classroom ( Teacher is required  ) 

  1. Image result for group icon Vocabulario de Verbos (VOCABULARY /Verbs)
  2. Image result for group icon  Presente del Modo Indicativo (Present Tense)


To play outside the classroom:

Please notice that you will need  2 digital devices;  one to see the questions /  the second to send the answers / you can use your smartphone with the  APP KAHOOT. 

1.First – Use your first device/ activate the game by clicking the link to the games above

2. Then, using your second device (for example your smartphone), enter the code of the game provided by the website and then you will be ready

3. You can also join the game by accessing through this website: Join/ Play

4. Please remember that you can play these games on your own. However, it is advisable to have another person who plays with you.