Spanish for Adults



 -If you want to start learning Spanish as a new hobby,  for your studies, or your career.

 -Also if you have already learnt Spanish but you want to practice all your language skills    

This course will be perfect for you!

How will you learn Spanish?  

Every lesson is guided to your own personal needs and requirements, with a great focus on your spoken word. I utilise everything that is around to bring Spanish vocabulary to life; from what is in the room and outside to what you have brought or what you are wearing at the time.

 Even when I teach parts of grammar and language structure, I will still be incorporating every part of vocabulary that is around real life. This will be enhanced by the use of interactive e-learning tools. 

I also make sure that even grammar can be fun and enjoyable, with every student being treated as an individual and in the knowledge that all learning should stay fun and interactive. I will teach you to speak a standard Spanish that can be used in any Spanish-speaking country. Of course, you will be exposed to your tutor’s natural accent but I will always teach you the differences in vocabulary and idiomatic expressions between Spanish from Spain and Spanish from South America .