Spanish for Holidays

If your desire is to learn Spanish for your holiday to a Spanish speaking country this is the perfect tuition programme for you. 

What can I learn in this course?

Typical conversations that may be covered in this course:


flecha listaIntroductions

  Greetings and courtesies

 Introduce yourself

 Ask people how they are

 Count 1 to 100

 Pronunciation (e.g. read simple signs and notices)

flecha lista Meeting people

 Say where you are from

 Say what language(s) you speak

  Say you are on holiday

  Say what you like doing

  Ask someone to speak more slowly or repeat

flecha listaAt a café/ bar

 Order drinks and snacks

  Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’

  Accept and decline

  Understand prices in Euros

flecha listaAt a restaurant

 Order a meal with drinks for yourself and the people you are with

 Understand a restaurant menu

  Say what you would like

  Ask for the bill and pay

flecha listaShopping

 Ask for and buy a range of items which may include: maps, postcards, stamps, guides, tickets, food, clothes…

 Ask where you can get something, e.g. bus tickets

flecha listaA tourist in town

 Ask where a place is and how to get there

 Understand basic directions

 Make simple enquiries (e.g. if a place is open/ close, if it is far/ near, etc.)

flecha listaPublic transport

  Buy train and bus tickets

  Ask about departure and arrival times

  Tell the time (also days of the week, parts of the day)

flecha listaAccommodation

 Book accommodation

 Check into a hotel

 Enquire about facilities

 Discuss dates and prices

flecha listaAt the chemist’s

  Describe a health problem

  Ask for a remedy

  Understand medical advice

   Ask for plasters, toothpaste etc.

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